About us

We are a privately held, regulated supplier of energy in Central Europe focused on commercial real estate.

Inertia is both a reseller of energy and a producer of green energy via a growing portfolio of solar and hydro production facilities.


Our differentiators

We are a specialist energy

focused on the supply of electricity to the commercial real estate sector in CE.

We offer a streamlined
customer on-boarding process

with simple contracts and tariffs tailored to your needs.

We provide a unique secure
customer portal

giving you a clear picture of your energy consumption, billing and information requests.

We aren’t just a reseller
of electricity

we are also a producer ourselves utilizing the latest innovative, renewable technologies.

We are dedicated to competitive

and mainly green energy created from our developing portfolio of renewable sources.

We support the transition
to using electric cars

by your employees and tenants through the installation and management of EV charging stations in your property.

Our principles


Our name

Long term thinking

Building lasting relationships with our customers and partners as well as our impact to the environment to create a sustainable, enduring, responsibly managed business.

Leading by example

Shaking up the market by challenging traditionally held practices and striving to improve the customer experience at every step.


Treating our customers, suppliers, partners and employees with respect so we are a company that people want to do business with and work for.

Our name

In physics, Isaac Newton’s first law of motion is often referred to as the Law of Inertia. This law states that in the absence of an opposing force, an object will move along its current path indefinitely.

So it is with our increased consumption of energy that our demand is exponentially growing, requiring the use of renewable energy and related technology advances, to meet these indefinite demands while protecting our environment.

Partner with us

We partner with reputable market intermediaries and specialized technology providers to cost-effectively deliver energy to commercial real estate owners and users.

Are you a company offering innovative, cutting edge technology in the field of energy generation, delivery, monitoring or storage with products that improve output yield, decrease losses, shorten charge times or reduce overall consumption of energy? If so we would like to hear from you as we are looking for dependable partners with products that support our goals of driving down our customers’ energy costs, generating power from renewable sources and keeping step with the latest trends in energy technology.

We are always open to cooperating with charitable groups through which we can make a positive impact on the communities in which we operate. In particular, we open to working with community organizations that help alleviate homelessness, encourage recycling behaviors and who help to improve the overall quality of life in our ever growing urban communities. Whether through volunteering, work place giving or other fundraising initiatives, Inertia is committed to supporting the most vulnerable people in our communities.

Are you individually or as a representative of your company in a position to arrange or allocate energy contracts with suppliers such as Inertia? If so, as a commercially minded and proactive company, Inertia is always on the lookout for strategic partnering opportunities that contribute to building our customer base in a sustainable and long lasting way.

Do you control, manage or own a well located property such as a large agricultural field suitable for a solar farm installation, a river side house close to a spot where the water changes height, a vacant plot of land on the edge of an arterial road or highway providing high visibility? If so, then please reach out to us. We are always interested in opportunities to either outright purchase, lease or structure a long-term revenue sharing arrangement with owners of properties that are suitable for use in helping us to build-out our infrastructure.

Are you a professional fund manager owning several institutional grade CRE assets across Central Europe where ideally you are in need of a reliable, fast acting and innovative supplier to fulfil your energy needs in a long term partnership model, rather than having the hassle of tendering to and engaging with multiple suppliers on an annual basis? If so, then please reach out to us for a discussion of how we can help you reduce your AM administrative burden and decrease your tenants’ operating costs.


Head office

Inertia Energy (CZ) s.r.o.
Futurama Business Park
Building F, Sokolovská 136f
186 00 Prague 8, Czech Republic

T: +420 228 881 777
E: customer@inertia.energy

Give us a call on

+420 228 881 777

Or send us a message and we will get back to you.