Logistics warehouses

24/7 logistics facilities have demanding energy consumption requirements, from their lighting infrastructure and the need to ventilate and heat their vast open spaces. Explore

What we offer

Logistics facilities often work around the clock and must provide access for loading and unloading no matter what the weather which can impede efforts to heat and cool the building. As the use of robotized technology also increases, so does the increase of demand on a facility’s energy consumption requirements.

Inertia is able to provide tailored supply contracts to logistic owners and occupiers while also providing several EV charging technology choices which we install, operate and manage on behalf of, or in strategic cooperation, with landlords.

We offer mainly green energy at competitive prices as simply as we can. Easy onboarding and switching from your current supplier and then reliable energy provision with transparency on your usage through our secure customer portal.

The number of electric cars on the roads is now increasing year on year. Make sure you are prepared with EV charging stations at your property and show you are committed to supporting this transition. We install, maintain and service EV charging stations for you in eye-catching dedicated parking bays.

A wise man once said, "If you can't measure it, you can't improve it.". Understanding where energy is being used most intensively is critical to being able to reduce consumption. We can help you get the right technology for full transparency on your usage and advice on how to reduce your energy invoices.

Save money on your energy invoices by choosing the correct time-of-use tariff and operational scheduling activities with higher loads at the right time of the day.

Let us help you turn the regular maintenance costs of your property's transformer into a revenue stream. Ownership of the transformers to your building can be used to your advantage with the right partner. Contact us to find out whether you could unlock some additional revenue.

Leverage your redundant rooftop space with managed solar panels. We install and maintain panels at your facility to generate energy that your tenants consume. You do your bit for the environment and take advantage of an additional revenue stream that improves the underlying value of your property.

Show your commitment to the environment while generating green energy in your open spaces via innovative new ground surface solar technologies.