Light industry

The energy consumption of light industry can be substantial in the majority of cases and a significant line item in a company’s P&L which impacts profitability. Explore

What we offer

Whether it’s keeping a large production hall heated in the depths of a Central European winter or the sheer consumption of your heavy machinery and technology, we understand your priority to lower your energy costs wherever possible and to adapt your supply contracts according to your production cycles, limiting the chance of exceeding your expected periodic consumption and incurring expensive deviation penalties.

Inertia works with light industry landlords and companies to provide owners and CFO’s greater transparency on their large energy bills, and to provide easy access to the often overly complicated information that enables them to make informed energy purchase decisions that directly influence’s their organizations financial performance.

For light industrial park style configurations, we offer a Local Distribution Network (LDN) solution, together with integrated roof-top solar energy and storage battery solutions.

We offer mainly green energy at competitive prices as simply as we can. Easy onboarding and switching from your current supplier and then reliable energy provision with transparency on your usage through our secure customer portal.

The number of electric cars on the roads is now increasing year on year. Make sure you are prepared with EV charging stations at your property and show you are committed to supporting this transition. We install, maintain and service EV charging stations for you in eye-catching dedicated parking bays.

A wise man once said, "If you can't measure it, you can't improve it.". Understanding where energy is being used most intensively is critical to being able to reduce consumption. We can help you get the right technology for full transparency on your usage and advice on how to reduce your energy invoices.

Save money on your energy invoices by choosing the correct time-of-use tariff and operational scheduling activities with higher loads at the right time of the day.

Let us help you turn the regular maintenance costs of your property's transformer into a revenue stream. Ownership of the transformers to your building can be used to your advantage with the right partner. Contact us to find out whether you could unlock some additional revenue.

Show your commitment to the environment while generating green energy in your open spaces via innovative new ground surface solar technologies.