Hotels and accommodation

The 24-hour availability of many hotel services, pools, restaurants and other amenities places significant energy demands on hotel landlords and operators. Explore

What we offer

Guests at up-market hotels understandably expect a level of comfort during their stay but many of the luxuries provided to them are now more energy intensive than perhaps they imagine.

Managing energy consumption does not however mean scaling back on the level of luxury, but rather doing things in smarter way and taking advantage of the latest technology. Inertia can help you with practical suggestions on reducing consumption without reducing the overall guest experience.

As the great transition to electric vehicles has also started, guests will increasingly be looking for hotel owners to provide EV charging stations during their stay. Let Inertia install and manage chargers at your facility so your guests continue get the five-star treatment.

We offer mainly green energy at competitive prices as simply as we can. Easy onboarding and switching from your current supplier and then reliable energy provision with transparency on your usage through our secure customer portal.

The number of electric cars on the roads is now increasing year on year. Make sure you are prepared with EV charging stations at your property and show you are committed to supporting this transition. We install, maintain and service EV charging stations for you in eye-catching dedicated parking bays.

A wise man once said, "If you can't measure it, you can't improve it.". Understanding where energy is being used most intensively is critical to being able to reduce consumption. We can help you get the right technology for full transparency on your usage and advice on how to reduce your energy invoices.

Reduce the annual administrative burden of re-tendering for energy each year by entering into longer term contracts.

Show your commitment to the environment while generating green energy in your open spaces via innovative new ground surface solar technologies.