Developer solutions

Inertia partners with both commercial and residential developers from the early planning stages of a major project, right up to the interval construction has been completed. Explore

What we offer

We offer several B2B energy solutions that help developers squeeze that extra bit of profitability out of a project, long after it is sold or multi-tenanted.

Whether it’s the sale of a property’s electricity transformer to Inertia to unlock additional value, or taking control of energy consumption to unlock the full commercial potential through the operation of a local distribution network (LDN), our early involvement in the delivery and construction phase of a project is crucial.

We work with you to ensure your building’s configuration will be suited to operating an LDN and once the property is complete, ensure that you have peace of mind as Inertia operates and regularly maintains the LDN while you receive an additional revenue stream through our long-term lease agreement structure of co-operation.

Let us help you turn the regular maintenance costs of your property's transformer into a revenue stream. Ownership of the transformers to your building can be used to your advantage with the right partner. Contact us to find out whether you could unlock some additional revenue.

Show your commitment to the environment while generating green energy in your open spaces via innovative new ground surface solar technologies.