Inertia Energy a.s. announces the formation of its Slovak subsidiary - Inertia Energy (SK) s.r.o.

Corporate Announcements

Finance and Regulation

As part of Inertia’s phased growth plan, the company has today announced the formation and implementation of Inertia Energy (SK) s.r.o. - a 100% owned and controlled subsidiary of Inertia Energy a.s.

Slovak operations of Inertia are intended to commence in early Q4 2019 via the on-boarding of several pre-identified supply opportunities, with implementation of a broader set of supply contracts planned to follow during the course of 2020 and beyond.

In addition, Inertia also intends to explore various initiatives to support its strategic goal of developing renewable energy production capabilities on a new-build basis as well as the acquisition of existing income producing facilities.

David Gerard, CEO of Inertia Energy commented: “Taking this procedural step to expand our market reach is an exciting milestone in Inertia’s phased growth plan. Once operational and once approved by RONI to operate in Slovakia, we are looking forward to establishing our foot-hold in Slovakia and progressively building our market share there. Additionally, we hope to also act on some promising leads to build our production capacity during 2020.

Media Contacts: 

Mr. David Gerard - Chief Executive Officer of Inertia Energy. 

About Inertia Energy

Inertia is a privately owned, independent and regulated B2B reseller and producer of green credentialed energy in Central Europe, focused on commercial real estate. We believe it is an exciting time to be in the energy business, because there is a major change taking place that will affect all of us – the transition away from fossil fuels. That is why we not only supply green energy, but that we are also leveraging the latest technologies to gradually produce our own electricity from solar and hydro, ensuring minimal impact to the environment. We are also positioning ourselves to soon help our customers embrace the transition to electric vehicles via the implementation of a network of smart charging stations in the buildings which we supply our energy to. We believe that reducing our reliance on fossil fuels is critical in ensuring a bright future for generations to come.

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