Inertia Energy a.s. announces the implementation of Flexi -IT as its chosen backbone IT client management and billing system

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As part of Inertia’s targeted operational efficiencies, following an exhaustive industry wide RFP process, Inertia has today announced the implementation of the leading IT product: “Flexi-IT” - a specialist software solution for the Czech and Slovak energy industry, designed to provide Inertia a best-in-class solution for its forecasting, purchase, billing and CRM requirements.

Integration of the Flexi-IT software solution into Inertia’s customer on-boarding and account management processes will commence from August 2019, including the ability of such system to communicate directly with the external systems of the industry’s various regulatory and operator bodies including that of the OTE and OKTE.

Key benefits of the Flexi-IT system include that of: (i) process automation (from change of suppliers to mass billing) (ii) integrated accounting functions (invoice generation, payment reconciliation, advance payments, account balances, payment reminders), (iii) automatic document generation (population of client information into new contracts, contract termination and switching, power of attorney, business terms and (iv) electronic communications with customers and a fully featured and customizable secure customer portal.

David Gerard, CEO of Inertia Energy commented: “Taking the decision to implement Flexi-IT was taken only after our having conducted a detailed search for, and comparison of, like systems available across the region, and ensuring that the current functionality and scalability of such software aligned with Inertia’s operational needs and growth intentions. Given the evident high quality user base of such system with the likes of RWE and e.on who have equally demanding requirements and which have zero tolerance to downtime, we are confident in having selected a system that can be both customised to our present requirements and which via the quality support team from D3 Soft behind the product, will be able to continue to meet our needs into the future.

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Mr. David Gerard - Chief Executive Officer of Inertia Energy. 

About Inertia Energy

Inertia is a privately owned, independent and regulated B2B reseller and producer of green credentialed energy in Central Europe, focused on commercial real estate. We believe it is an exciting time to be in the energy business, because there is a major change taking place that will affect all of us – the transition away from fossil fuels. That is why we not only supply green energy, but that we are also leveraging the latest technologies to gradually produce our own electricity from solar and hydro, ensuring minimal impact to the environment. We are also positioning ourselves to soon help our customers embrace the transition to electric vehicles via the implementation of a network of smart charging stations in the buildings which we supply our energy to. We believe that reducing our reliance on fossil fuels is critical in ensuring a bright future for generations to come.

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